Monday, August 25, 2008

Mooning Over Austen's England

she was in love with
jane austen's england and all
its polite manners, country dances
and exclamations of
"capital! capital!"

but what captured her heart
most of all were the
carefully written letters
of her heroes.

few could craft a missive
like fitzwilliam darcy or
captain wentworth.
and she'd often find herself day dreaming
she was either elizabeth bennet
or anne elliot.

but, she also knew that
it was just a matter of time
until her own hero penned her
a letter that'd leave her breathless.

in the meantime, she happily
snuggled into her couch,
munched on some popcorn and
watched wentworth write anne
that one particular letter
for the 100th time,
dreaming of what was to come.


Aly said...

Ah, the Austin men. I gotta get me one of them.

Kelly McGannon said...

Indeed! But...beware of the rogues, rakes, charmers, cads and other nasty shades of the other sex. =)