Wednesday, August 20, 2008

You're Not In Kansas Anymore!

as they settled in the
elevator together,
she found herself admiring
the other woman's
sassy red shoes.

"ooo," she squealed with delight.
"what fun red shoes you have!"

the other woman looked
down with pride and said,
"i love them, too,
but i'm nervous because
they're a little bold."

"well, maybe it's good to
give folk something to talk about,"
she offered.
"and if they don't like them,
you can always click your heels
together three times and go
somewhere else."

"some days," she confided with a wink,
"i find myself going lots of
interesting places."


Leah said...

this is great. totally made me smile.

Kelly McGannon said...

thanks, leah! my motto is: wear red shoes and wear 'em often!