Saturday, July 19, 2008

Letting things unfold

the universe is way cool, she decided.

because even though she was focused elsewhere,
her angel was still busy placing
little messages for her out there
on the periphery.

when she noticed them,
she felt like gretel
and thought it'd be silly
*not* to follow the breadcrumbs.

if nothing else,
at least she was guaranteed
tasty snacks along the way.

~ from "a book of private conversations", copyright 19 july 2008.


Leah said...

i love this bit from your book. i can definitely relate. and i love the one you sent too!! thanks so much for your sweet note!

Kelly McGannon said...

Thanks, Leah! My pleasure!!! Like I said, I was just tickled with the new synchronicities.

Leah said...

yeah, the synchronicity with the map was wild!! gotta love it. :-)

Kelly McGannon said...

Yep...I giggled and giggled AND giggled! =)

Leah said...

i had the weirdest synchronicity the other day involving a beetle. i'm going to blog about it soon. :-)

Kelly McGannon said...

a beetle? do tell!