Tuesday, January 27, 2009

And the Winner Is....

"i've just awarded you
the "most fun to e-mail *ever* award",
he wrote her.

"no WAY!" she giggled back.
"how did i ever snag such a coveted honor?"
she asked curiously.

"well," he said,
"it's because you never miss a
step, beat, or exclamation point!

surely you were a dancer in a previous life."

and the thought made her glow inside and out
and made her want to pirouette and bee-bop about
like a little happy sprite,
twinkling fairy dust wherever she felt
the desire to move and groove.


Carl J. said...


You've done it backwards and in high heels I might add.


Kelly McGannon said...

well, thanks, fred.

you always know how to set me up for my moment in front of the bright lights.