Saturday, January 10, 2009

Speed Racer

"what a beautiful rainbow,"
she breathed admiringly.

"oh, i know," she sighed with delight.
"it's just so big and bright and so entirely lovely."

but what delighted her more
was that the rainbow decided to jog
alongside her moving car.

at the next red light,
it sidled up next to them
and with a wink called out,
"wanna race?"

"you're on!" she shouted mischievously over the rain.

and when the light turned "green",
she hit the pedal to the metal
and raced the rainbow on down the road,
never quite seeing its end and
knowing intuitively that while the
rainbow would probably win,
she'd give it its spectrum worth!


Aly said...

Beautiful poems, beautiful photos, beautiful reflections- happy new year, Stella!

Kelly McGannon said...

thanks, aly! did you ever come up with a name for yourself? happy new year!!! stella