Saturday, January 17, 2009

Upside Down Traveler

"oh, my goodness!" she giggled with glee.
"what are you doing up there?"

and the little starfish on her ceiling replied,
"aloha! well, me and the other asteroidea
were thinking that you might be missing
the halcyon days of hawai'i.

"so, i am here to dangle on your ceiling
and help you dream your way
back to our pretty isles,"
it finished with a wry wink.

"oh, that's so exciting!" she breathed with excitement.

"oh, and it gets better," the little starfish replied,
"because i have brought entertainment!"

and with one arm it produced a pretty
mother of pearl ukulele and began
to belt out some tunes.

"any requests?"

she giggled and snuggled back into her pillows
as the little crooner led her into dreams
full of soft breezes
and azure waters
and sheer bliss.

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