Monday, January 26, 2009

She-ro of Rabbits

"while i was home one summer
i discovered all these sweet little baby bunnies
newly born right outside my front door,"
she said, heavy with memory.

"they were so little
and fragile
and blind
that i felt it was my duty to protect them,"
she finished quietly.

"so, what did you do?" he asked.

"well, i put up signs warning
the maintenance men of their hidden warren
and i used to stand over their little shivering bodies
with an umbrella during storms."

"you did?" he asked incredulously.

"yep." she replied. "how could i not?"

"well, in that case, i shall dub you
"'she-ro of rabbits' and think of
you always as a protectress of all
that is small and weak," he concluded,
pulling her in for a bear hug.

and it warmed her to think that
such a small action could warm others so quickly
and it made her wonder what
would happen if the whole world was that way.

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