Friday, January 16, 2009

Surfing Cloud Nine

she looked up into the clear night sky
and decided to pay her wishing star a small visit.

"oh, you're here in the nick of time, dear"
the star cooed with delight,
"we have just enough time to make it
to the cloud swells before the action begins!

"so, the moon is slated to participate
in the surfing event of the galaxy
and i'd like to see him hose all those
snooty intergalactic contenders
who complain our waves aren't as "momboosa"
as theirs!

"as if!" she finished, shaking some
stardust on the exclamation for effect.

so there they sat at the edge of the inky cosmos,
sharing an order of tasty chocolate "comet tail" mix
and watched the moon artfully shralp
one righteous wave after another without getting snaked.

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