Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Curious as a...puppy?

"oh, i'm so happy to be home!"
she exclaimed as she breathed
in the pretty snow now blanketing her childhood home.

and she did a joyful little dance
around the house
with the family dog prancing beneath her feet.

"mum, would you say i'm a laid back soul?"she asked,
pausing to allow her mother to contemplate the question.

"sometimes," she answered thoughtfully,
"although you've always struck me as
having the energy of a little puppy,
curious about everything and anything."

"oh, you mean something like this?" she replied
pantomiming what that might look like.

"something like that," her mother answered through her laughter,
only to laugh harder when the family dog
got up to show them what that really would look like.

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