Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Updated Vision Board

Several months ago, I put together a vision board of things, experiences, and desires I had for my life. It was so much fun going through magazines and cutting out words and images to represent my biggest dreams and even more fun watching them come true. I just can't get over HOW QUICKLY they are all coming true. Now I find myself giggling when another wish becomes reality...such blessings.

The board looks very different now than it did upon its construction -- namely, there are many, many more additions, especially phrases of thought which have popped into my mind over the last 4 or 5 months and have come to have meaning.

So, it struck me recently that I needed to add to its already percolating magic, so as to give the universe fresh wishes to work on for me. I have a sense that this, too, will find continual updating, but, for now, here's my new list of things I'd like to do, experience and explore by the end of 2009.

1. Adopt a pound puppy that I shall call "Baku".
2. See the Aurora Borealis in both Alaska and Iceland.
3. Travel to Greece and take in Santorini's exquisite sunsets. Istanbul and Malta would also be nice.
4. Tandem skydive.
5. Tandem hang glide.
6. Live overseas for a month or two.
7. Publish my poetry collection entitled "A Book of Private Conversations".
8. Learn how to make a REAL Italian cappuccino -- my recent trip to Italy has me hooked.
9. See the pyramids in Egypt and get my photo taken by the Sphinx.
10. Learn the fascinating art of reflexology and begin offering reiki to prospective clients.
11. Learn how to find all the planets in a telescope.
12. Go on a ski trip and learn to snow board (yes, I realize this means falling down...a lot!)
13. Enjoy time with the family during next summer's vacay at the beach!
14. Read the complete collection of works by Carl Jung and Joseph Campbell and Dumas!
15. Buy my motorcycle and ride OFTEN!

Stay tuned as I know I'll be adding to this list often!


Aly said...

Sounds like fun. And inspiring. I'm contemplating my vision board now. Oh the possibilities! I just have this to say, though: a motorcycle? Really? I would never have thunk it for you, but you go, Kelly! Ride on! Oh,and be sure to find a rooftop when you're in Santorini. The whole sky is open and right in front of you. Gorgeous.

Kelly McGannon said...

it was fun! continues to be fun. i highly recommend it. as for the motorcycle, yep...i'm pretty serious about it. i'm even signing up for classes. =)

i'll send you a picture from santorini rooftop when i go there in 2009. i can't wait to better understand what you're talking about. =)

Larry Prochazka said...

I stumbled across your message searching for information on the "four brothers" meditation. I'm contemplating heading to Bali in February and the idea of a "smiling" meditation has been quite fun to play with. I'm a traveler as well having spent six weeks wandering through Vietnam and Cambodia last winter and Thailand the winter before. One of my past life hobbies was to be a barista and I can help you with that cappuccino making or head you in the right direction. Yummmmm!

Kelly McGannon said...

hi larry!

wow! i'd like to hear more about your travels through southeast asia, as it's on my own list. what was the best thing you saw or experienced while over there?

didn't you just love that four brothers meditation? i did...the smiling meditation, too.

as for the are ON!!! what is the first thing a beginner needs to know?

cheers, kelly

Larry Prochazka said...

OK, now I'm getting organized. I posted a milk "texturing" guide on my web site in response to your and many others request. YUM! You can also read my travel blog there. I used Yahoo 360° while traveling but copied them all over. I'm still working with photo's but some are there.

Highlights of SE Asia: Angkor Wat; relazing beach at Sihanoukville; Thai cooking classes in Chiang Mai; Pai, Thailand; Kho Phangan and Ao Nang, Thailand; Halong Bay and Sapa in Vietnam; Old Market area in Hanoi; Hanoi; boat trip through the Mekong Delta...lots of highlights.

My two favorite highlights: First, I never left me, stayed as present as possible from moment to moment and magic happens when I'm clearly in that space. Secondly: definitely the people. So many real, connected and authentic connections every day that were so nourishing. When I got back here to the US, even my friends were too busy to connect, some for months. What's up with that? Sad....

I'm playing with the Four Brothers Meditation: it seems to pop into my mind at moments where something (or someone) suddenly reminds me, "Hey, this is something I could ask for help with!" The smiling meditation, so simple basic.

Now, for my vision board. I got things together when I got back home in February but never felt it was time to work with it. Your blog is my reminder so I'm playing with it. Transition seems to be my thing right now so, perfect timing.

Safe travels! Larry

Larry Prochazka said...

Oh yea, the web site, that would help!


Kelly McGannon said...


i am so happy to learn more about you and your work. what a fascinating life you lead! tell me more about ankor wat. as an art historian, i've long been intrigued by it and long to visit it one day...soak it up for myself.

you're absolutely right...magic is always afoot but it is especially alive and vibrant when one is still and can connect to it in that quiet place.

like you, i don't know why many americans have trouble slowing down long enough to get a glimpse of it. perhaps it is because stillness is misperceived as idleness and therefore the antithesis of the american dream?

good luck to you on your vision board. talk about magic because things on the board come true quickly. =)

cheers, kelly

Larry Prochazka said...

Hey Kelly,
Thanks for the note. It's a cool Colorado evening. I just opened a bag of a traditional Italian blend of decaf espresso only this version is alder fire roasted. It's a great companion for writing.

Are you familiar with the Abraham material with Jerry and Esther Hicks? I just bought their latest book and am working through that while creating my my vision board ideas. Very cool! Last night, I booked a ticket to Bali for the month of February. I'll have a quiet, warm, beautiful and, from what I hear, an extremely friendly tropical place for some writing and reflecting.

I had a friend who was a linguist, world traveler, astrologer and homeless woman who traveled on trust. She was concerned about how much people in the west have turned into human "doings" and were very unfamiliar/uncomfortable with "being". My personal perspective is part of busyness is about not being still enough to be present with "self". It's scary for lots of people. One great compliment anyone could receive from Thoreau was an invitation to walk as he always walked in silence and felt it was only the greatest of friends who could be silent together. Most people are so uncomfortable, they attempt to fill it with some version of noise almost immediately.

Hmmmm, having a meaningful relationship with the self AND enjoying silence?! For me it's a great combination, for others, being alone is pure torture.

There was a law in Virginia in colonial days, with the recent influx of Puritans from Europe, that made it illegal to be idle and a person could be arrested.

Angkor Wat: all I can say is WOW! The second visit was just as awe inspiring as the first. Each temple is different and a lot of it had Hindu influence. The area around Preh Kahn captivated me for hours because of the feeling of the energy there. WOW! Thinking of it brings it all back. I spent three days there and it was a very full three days! Have your Tuk Tuk Driver take you out to Banteay Srei; very intricate carvings and the ride through the villages and countryside was well worth it. In Siam Reap, look up the "Blue Pumpkin Bakery" for good food and treats. Also Master Souks Kitchen for great Hot Pot, one of life's many treats!

To a great life...Larry

Kelly McGannon said...

hello, larry! it is a cool virginia morning and i'm watching the morning light catch the october fall. i know the abraham-hicks material very well. i was first introduced to them by a mentor several years ago; however, i spent the whole summer studying them seriously and practicing what they suggest with amazing results.

silence, methinks, is absolutely necessary for a rich life. i don't think we know *how* to be alone in this culture but that doesn't mean it's impossible to do so. i find that when i don't carve out some "silent kelly time" i become a tad cranky and a bit irritable.

i will tuck away your suggestions for cambodia. =) i'm so keen to go.

oh, and i checked out your website (lovely!) and found your suggestions as to how to build a great coffee and even better foam. i had NO idea that the pitch of the machine could tell one SO much. i'm INTRIGUED!!! what other tips do you have to share?

lastly...any way i could ask for the triple chocolate chip cookie recipe? it looks delectable. =)

Larry Prochazka said...

Hi Kelly,
I'm headed out the door for a training tomorrow on Emotional Intelligence. I could send the recipe. Want me to post it here or send via email..which I don't have.

Wish you were closer to talk about the Abraham material. I'm going to dive in deeper soon and don't have playmates near to explore that with. Diving regardless.

Perfect milk...practice, practice...practice. Ask questions at every coffee shop. Yes, I can tell by the sound when I walk into a coffee shop what the milk will taste like.


Larry Prochazka said...

PS Kelly...any favorite Abraham material? Any tips from your study experience would gratefully be accepted.

Eckhadt Tolle regarding stillness: "Are you one who who is afflicted with the inability to ever quiet your mind" Quiet mind and stillness together, wow! I'm remembering silent retreats camping in the high country although a beach has worked fine as well. Larry

Kelly McGannon said...

Hello, Larry! Are you off to study Daniel Goleman's theory of Emotional Intelligence (I've read his's good) or the theory's predecessor in the work of Howard Gardner (also good stuff!). Regardless, I'd love to hear your take of it all.

Ooooo...the recipe. You can either post it here or send it off to:

Yes, let's chat and dive into the Abraham material. I'd start with "Ask and It is Given", which is really wonderful and then I'd move into The Law of Attraction and THEN I'd invest in the CDs of The Teachings of Abraham -- Master Course (11 discs)

Whew. All I can say is "welcome to the rabbit hole" because once you begin, you will find yourself embarking on an amazing journey of self-discovery. Keep a journal of all the synchronicities which start to pop into your life and THEY WILL!!!

Have you encountered Anthony de Mello yet? What about Mark Nepo?

Nepo writes in "The Exquisite Risk": "This falling down and emptying ourselves of noise so that we can hear the sacred pulse of things is at the heart of all the meditation practices invoked throughout the ages. Sooner or later, if we want to feel what it is to be alive in a Universe that is alive, we will have to empty ourselves, open our hearts, and listen. This emptying and opening and listening is the practice that allows us to hear that voice of God (whatever name you give to it) that resides in each of us. By listening with all of who we are, we are briefly illuminated, like stained glass; letting everything move through us in those privileged and enlightened moments" (p. 5).