Sunday, October 26, 2008

A Few of My Favorite Things

"i just love fall," she said,
"especially october. it's
such a lovely month!"

"oh, and it's just full
of all my favorite things:
pumpkin orange colored trees,
apple picking (and munching),
thick sweaters,
breath which crystallizes in the night air,
rosy cheeks,
orion and the pleiades,
and now i get to add one more item to the list."

"what's that?" he asked curiously.
"piping hot molasses cookies from the oven?"

"mmmm," she replied.
"i was going to say you, silly,
but now you've got me thinking about
those cookies!

" share so many
commonalities that i think
there's room for both of you
on the list," she finished with a wink
and a grin more mischievous
than that of the cheshire cat.

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