Friday, October 17, 2008

A New Kind Of Christening

they were headed to
west virginia to tackle
some big rapids
and she suggested they play a game.

"let's guess what cars we'll
see on the road today," she said.

he nodded in agreement.
"so, what do you want to see?"
she asked.

"a black porsche 911 carerra,"
he said without hesitation.
"hm," she mused, "i get more
of a porsche cayenne."
she paused.
"oh, and a classic green jaguar,
but we won't see that for a little while,"
she said confidently.

"do you know how rare
those cars are? how slim your chances
are of actually seeing them,
especially out here?"
he asked incredulously.

"yep!" she grinned.


later, when they saw both of her choices
in the time frame she predicted,
he told her he was only slightly

"so, can you be my own
personal witch?" he asked.

"i prefer 'faerie sprite'," she countered.
"still, if you throw in a wand and
some faerie dust, then i'd say you
got yourself a deal."

he smiled.
"for you? anything."

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