Thursday, October 9, 2008

5-year-old temper tantrum

"pooh," she pouted.

"i really, really, REALLY
don't want to attend this upcoming function,"
she said, stomping
her left foot for emphasis.

"and just *knowing* that i have
to makes me crankier than a
five-year-old needing a nap!"

"oh, really," he said
with a wry smile.
"what exactly does that look like?"

"i'll show you," she said
as she lay down on the floor
and kicked her feet about
until she ended up laughing.

"of course, it's much more
effective when you don't giggle," she said,
trying to still her laughter for effect.

unsuccessful at the attempt,
she allowed herself to breathe in
the fantastic ridiculousness
of the moment,

giving her inner five-year old
an opportunity to soak up
every second of it.


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Kelly McGannon said...

thanks for posting, yoyeti!

given that it is now a full moon, are you in yeti form?

i like this idea of skulking under a full moon in a different form. however did you choose a yeti or did it choose you?