Friday, October 31, 2008


as she walked into work
last night, her old chum
orion laid down his bow
and asked her what was on her mind.

"little one," he boomed through the heavens.
"what ails you? you are not yourself."

"'tis okay," she murmured back.
"my mind is heavy with things
i cannot control and it's making me
a little tired and cranky.
i'm just low energy, big o!" she finished
with a lazy smile.

"ha!" he chuckled. "i think
what you need is a fancy celestial wellness cruise.
did i ever tell you about the one
i took recently? it was lovely.
they served the most wonderful
meteor shakes and sprinkled them
with fresh stardust. just delicious.
i felt energized for eons,"
he said with a starry glint in his eyes.

and she had to laugh
because even though he was known
as a great hunter, he was really
a vegetarian on the sly

and she could always count
on him to give her a rundown
of his latest smoothie adventures
whenever she was not herself.

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