Sunday, October 19, 2008

"Clark Kent, I presume?"

"hey, you know you're
looking rather like clark kent tonight,"
she said to her friend.

"i mean, you've got the glasses,
the hair, the sport coat, and the bag.
are you sure you're not hiding a
superman cape anywhere?"
she asked mischievously.

"don't be silly," he stammered.
"i'm not superman."

"well, if we read in tomorrow's news
that a large aircraft was saved singlehandedly,
then i guess we'll know who to thank, huh?"
she continued.

he shook his head at her suggestion
and walked out into the night
AND, though she couldn't be sure,
she thought she saw a bit of red cape peeking
out from under his coat and the possibility
made her giggle for some time.

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