Monday, October 27, 2008

Weekend Aventures Of Clark Kent

i think i work with clark kent. so, in honor of this suspicion, i have crafted another poem in the series. click here to see the first. enjoy!


"my weekend started quietly," he said.
"i came home from work and
crawled into my den and tried to sleep."

"wait!" she gasped dramatically.
"don't you mean a fortress of solitude?"

"no, it's more like a den of
funitude," he replied with a grin.
"and i tried to sleep except i was
interrupted by a phone call at 3am."

"oooo, let me guess," she replied.
"you were called by the commissioner
to save children from a burning building?
stop a runaway locomotive?
remove a kitten from a tree?"

"no...i had bored friends," he replied,
"and in that moment i wished
i was a little more lex luthor
and less all-around good guy...
'cuz even a superhero needs
40 winks now and then, you know?"

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