Tuesday, October 14, 2008


"well, you survived,"
he said, picking her up
from the airport.

"yep," she said,
"but it was trying,
even for a little
faerie sprite."

"i mean," she went on to vent,
"it was just so ridiculously
high maintenance --
where some women want a tiara,
i just want a wand."

"a wand, huh?" he
said with a chuckle.
"sounds easy enough."

"right?" she said.
"it would come in especially
handy at events like that
because it would allow me to cast a
"riddikulus" spell on an
even more ridiculous affair
and expose all
its silliness."


Jennifer said...

Hi Kelly,
I tagged you on my blog, because I so enjoy your blog

Kelly McGannon said...

YEA!!! thanks, jen! i love yours, too!!! big hugs back...i miss you, you know. kel